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Men's Naked Yoga


In a workshop, a student has the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of a particular aspect of his practice or learn something entirely new. Some workshops are standalone sessions, while others require a student to commit to attending a series of workshop classes. Workshop topics may include:

  • Advanced practice, like inversions (headstand and handstands) and backbends
  • Restorative yoga
  • Body awareness
  • Qi gong
  • Massage

Some workshops require that a student meet certain entry requirements, such as a minimum number of yoga classes, or minimum level of fitness or yoga experience.

Men's Circle Workshop

Once upon a time, every man gathered in a circle with other men. These sacred meetings were a time to bond through sharing and listening.

The men’s movement has been growing steadily for years. Some men have been to retreats and others have joined weekly men's activities to meet and connect with others. The goal is simply to reconnect with the lineage of real masculinity, one that includes all of the complex emotions that men experience and rarely share.

In a confidential & closed men’s circle, we step into a world where we can say and hear things that we’ve longed to express. To share our truth allows us to unearth buried emotions and begin to let them go quite naturally. This is vitally important personal development, to build relationships with others and to learn more about ourselves and fellow men.


6:30 to 8:00 PM


Every third Thursday of the month


This scheduled, weekend event gives students the opportunity to get out of Sydney for a few days. The point of the retreat, is for a student to disengage from his regular routine and focus on restoring himself both physically and mentally. The retreat program typically includes group yoga classes, as well as workshops that teach students a variety of restorative techniques that they can take home with them and employ in their everyday lives. While the retreat program features lots of opportunities to learn, there is also equal time given over to just relaxing and having fun.

Prices for retreats can vary due to the location, the program content, and style of accommodation. Depending on the retreat program, students may have to meet certain fitness and/or experience requirements to participate.

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